Titus Team


Titus Realty is a full service real estate brokerage. We offer services in Residential listings, sales, Industrial, Commercial or Investment properties. Property values have appreciated substantially over the last few years. Current trends indicate that your home may be worth more than you think. Take advantage of the high demand and high prices.
Titus Realty was established in 2000. The firm has paved its way in the local market by building strong, successful relationships through local homeowners, investors, business developers, and leading businesses. Titus Realty has brokered over $500 million in commercial and residential real estate transaction since 2000. Respected throughout the industry for its experience and knowledge of the niche residential, residential income and commercial markets, Titus Realty Inc. is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all of your real estate need.

Nick Ananyan has a plethora of knowledge and experience in real estate. Throughout his career spanning over 15 years he closed in excess of $200 million worth of residential and commercial real estate transactions ranging. His combined knowledge of real estate, finance, and accounting allows him to deliver the best of many worlds to his clients addressing all financial and real estate concerns. He regularly conducts meetings and seminars, teachings sales and marketing skills to incoming real estate professionals early in their carriers. His clients range from multi-unit developers, business developers, hedge fund managers and individual investors who have been loyal for many years. His key to success is a combination of a great team he has develop over years, a team of realtors, escrow and title officers, lenders, as well as many professionals working hand in hand with Titus Realty, a company known for integrity, professionalism, loyalty and efficiency in handing any transactions.
Commercial and Residential Realty Specialist
Albert Mouradian is one of the Titus Realty, Inc top realtors.  He has strong work ethics combined with his sound knowledge of the Los Angeles residential and commercial real estate market that enables him to complete transactions with precision and ease.  His background in architecture, structural and civil engineering is an added bonus for all clients working with Albert enabling them to tap into the enormous knowledge and experience he possesses in his expert areas. His real estate career spans over several years earning him a designation of a true professional delivering best deals for his customers. 
In 2008 Albert joined Titus Realty to specialize in residential and commercial real estate, mainly multi-unit buildings.  He is an accomplished professional having sold over $50 million in real estate.  His strength and professional knowledge of real estate attributes to smooth and successful transactions representing sellers and buyers sides.
Broker Assistant
Lilit Hakobyan has been an extremely helpful and professional part of the Titus Realty team. She obtains the people skills necessary in creating quality connections which benefits the clients and the real estate process. She is known to be one of the top broker assistants in the Titus Realty team. She is constantly looking for ways to benefit the clients in any way possible enhancing the entire process. She is tremendously knowledgeable in her profession. Lilit is familiar with the market which helps her communicate facts and ideas thoroughly and properly. She speaks English, Russian and Armenian helping her to view issues from different perspectives and enhancing her communication skills much more. Lilit attended Armenia State Pedagogical University where she received a masters degree in education. With this, she has a more reliable approach to solving problems and guiding others through the process. She is very self driven and motivated stopping at nothing to get great results. Lilit creates a positive environment for those she is with making her very approachable and overall a great person to be in business with. She is a well rounded individual who constantly sets of positive chains of events that benefit those around her at a time.
Syuzann?e Arabyan? is one of the Titus Realty, Inc top realtors. She has? ?strong work ethics combined with her well-established knowledge of the Los Angeles residential and commercial real estate market that enables her to complete transactions with precision and ease. Her background in customer relations, loan origination and underwriting experience make communication with her clients significantly beneficial. Her real estate career spans over several years earning her a designation of a true professional delivering best deals for her clients.?Syuzanne is dedicated to taking care of her clients from start to finish. Whether you are selling your current home or buying a new one, she will guide you through the process, making sure that all your goals are met. She specializes in Probate, Trust, Foreclosure and Short Sales.?
Viktorya Gevorgyan is one of the Titus Realty, Inc top realtors. There are multiple skills and qualities necessary in order to be a phenomenal realtor, market knowledge, social media skills, the ability to effectively negotiate, marketing savvy, etc, which are all obtained by Viktorya. She is extremely passionate about helping people to her best ability in Real Estate and takes pride in making the experience as enjoyable as she can. Viktorya puts in a great amount of time and effort into her job reassuring the clients that they have her undivided attention and making it a stress free process for her clients. By maintaining this “client first” approach, the clients are always feeling secure and assured. This also leads to her constantly finding new approaches to possible problems, and requires her to constantly improve on her skills and marketing approach. Has real estate experience in a wide range of locations; Glendale, Burbank, Sun Valley, Studio City, Encino, Sherman Oaks, etc. Viktorya is also a broker assistant with an ABA approved paralegal AA Degree which assists her in furthering her range of services that can be provided to her clients. Additionally, her previous experience as a paralegal in a law firm had helped her in properly informing her clients of their rights, and gives her a more sophisticated approach to real estate.