Image result for resedaReseda is a suburb of Los Angeles and lies to the west of the San Fernando Valley. Reseda Boulevard acts as the passage through with a seven minute drive to the Ventura freeway. This was a former pathway for railroad tracks which is elemental to the origin of the city.




Reseda has 74,363 residents with the zip code 91335. It is considered to be a ethnically highly diverse neighborhood. The breakdown of the population is 43.5% Latinos, 37.2% Non-Hispanic Whites, 11.2% Asians, 4.2% Blacks, 3.9% others.


In Reseda there are public and private school options. The public schools are Vanalden Avenue Elementary, Gaspar De Portola Middle, Sven Lokrantz Special Education Center, and Reseda Senior High. Then, the private schools are Woodcrest and Faucher Academy.  The highest rated school with an 8 out of 10 is Gaspar De Portola Middle.


One of the best ranked vegan Vietnamese restaurants is in Reseda called Vinh Loi Tofu. The restaurant is a large  family friendly environment. Las Fuentas serves authentic Image result for reseda Vinh Loi TofuMexican food. They have a large two item combos that come with rice and beans and ranges around $11. Locals don’t have many options for night life so, they often travel to Ventura Blvd.


Reseda is one of the more affordable Los Angeles cities. It costs 7.3% less than the average cost of living in Los Angeles. The average rent in Reseda is $1,073 a month. It is also close in proximity to California State Northridge, which many students find to be affordable. To get to Downtown Los Angeles from Reseda  it will cost $1.75 with the Metro, but it will take two hours for a 24 mile trip. Driving to Downtown Los Angeles with the 101 freeway will take 45 minutes.


Reseda lacks in cultured stores. The city consists of small businesses that only carry the essential needs. Unfortunately the neighborhood has a high number of vacancies too. The major markets lay out side of Reseda.